Staff and Leadership

Please find below an introduction to our church leaders and members of staff.
IMG 0878   10 Neil Deacon
Pastor: Leon Coates   Elder: Neil Deacon
Leon hails from God's own country - Yorkshire! (At least that's what we let him think). Having trained at the Master's Seminary in the USA, Leon became the Pastor of QEC in 2020. He likes the sea and all things kayaking. Leon is married to the lovely Nataly, who hails from Colombia, and they have two young ladies who give them plenty of fun. If you are ever visiting, Nataly's Colombian breakfasts are legendary. Leon is trying to stay slim .....
  We're not quite sure what Neil does - it's in finance and it keeps him out of mischief ........ we think. Neil and the enchanting Diane have four grown up children and are heading into the final furlong of the kids' college years. They look forward to growing old together ........ which is obviously all in the future, right?   
23 Craig Le Seur   20 Richard Le Gresley
Deacon: Craig Le Sueur    Deacon: Richard Le Gresley 
Craig is our organisational Ninja. What Craig does not know about administration - diaries, rotas, and organisation generally - is simply not worth knowing. Craig keeps us honest on our structures and ensures we tick the right boxes at the right time. A footballing star in his younger days, he is now kept fit by being married to the delightful Natalia and by having two young gentlemen who, we think it would be fair to say, enjoy life to the full.    A gardener at heart, Rich is the man who keeps us looking gorgeous. He knows more about QEC than probably the rest of us put together. If there's a BBQ on, Rich will be in an apron. It is rumoured that he has a liking for a certain football team. Rich is the softly spoken one, until there's a goal, of course. Rich and the fabulous Helo have two delightful young ladies who like dogs and BBQs but not BBQ'd dogs.
image0 (9)   103C9F5C-8278-46FA-91AC-02F420
Deacon: Matthew Lombard   Deacon: David Muhumuza
Our amazing musician! Matthew, his wife and three of their beautiful children come from South Africa. Matthew has doctorate in music and can fluently play various instruments like the saxophone, clarinet, piano and many others. So we are very grateful we can use his skills around church events. His amazing wife Nicole looks after and home schools three children. She is very skilled at cooking and keeping our tummies very happy during church lunches and other events! Both Matthew and Nicole are a great help to us as a church being involved in many areas of Christian service.   David is a man who always seems to have things under control. Always calm, smiling and just getting on with the task at hand. He is a busy accountant, but is commited to finding balance between work, church and family life. He has been married to Gloria for 15 years and they have five children with the sixth on the way. In Gloria's spare time (...where does she find it anyway?) she loves to try her hand at culinary delights.
32 Jarek.jpg

Deacon: Jarek Sitkowski 
Jarek is our international man of mystery. His work is so secret, we could not include a photo of him. The chatter says that Jarek is the media man. Behind the scenes he can create any kind of media output. He knows what is beautiful (which is why he is married to Lucy) and how to make our invitations and notices look impeccable. If you need anything in print, Jarek is your man. You'll just have to find him.

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