Let's Celebrate! 

We are so grateful that this year we were able to gather together and Celebrate Christmas! Everyone joined for an evening of fun, creativity and fellowship. As always, there was plenty of food to choose from, including homemade deserts and few creative and funky seasonal snacks.

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The evening was even more special than usual because last year we were not able to gather together. 
The kids had an opportunity to play a variety of fun and "sweet" games. Even the parents didn't miss the opportunity to get involved in the fun and craft making!

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The beautiful hand made lamps lit up our evening!


And let's not forget about the opportunity to take some seasonal pictures to make the evening even more memorable!

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One of the biggest highlights of the evening was the fact that we were able to host BBC radio, who interviewed some of our church members about how we feel about Christmas and what it means to us. 
You can listen to the BBC recording below:
image2 (1)We finished the evening with classic carol singing accompanied by saxophone and guitar. It was such a beautiful time singing praises to God!
Feel free to join us at our Carol Service this Christmas and our next Friday event!
It will be lovely to see you!

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