The Pancake Night 

We are so grateful for the Friday Pancake event! I think everyone will agree with me if I say it was absolutely amazing.


Nataly, Laura and Luke were absolutely fabulous in organising everything! Also a big shout out to all the ladies who worked so hard to make so many pancakes - they were the true heroes of the evening! The variety was so big ( including gluten free choice), sweet and fruity toppings, whipped cream, and there was more than enough to feed everyone. Many people were sent home with some goody bags as we couldn’t get through the amount of food prepared.

image3 (2)

We had a really good number of people joining us including small children, young and older generation. It was great to see everyone was having fun.


We finished the evening with a range of different ‘pancake themed’ games. Luke played some funky music, taught us some cool dance moves which was a fun way to finish the evening.

image0 (5)

We feel that Friday Night Out events have been a great blessing to many people and it’s great to see that they are becoming more and more popular with new faces joining us.

If you are planning to join us for in May again ( as there is no April event) then bring a friend along as well! The more the people the better! See you soon!